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Wholesale Beauty Supply

Wholesale Beauty Supply Tips for Your Salon

Stocking your beauty salon can be expensive unless you are a smart shopper who pays attention to inexpensive ways to find products. For example, a wholesale beauty supply provider is often a great way to save money and get the items that you need at a reasonable price. Finding one is nowhere near as hard as you may think, but does require some work to manage properly.

Research Available Wholesalers

Though you may not realize, many beauty supply wholesalers exist across the nation. These companies provide for the needs of many different salons and will do what is necessary to help your salon succeed. Often, these providers focus on just a handful of products, or sometimes they provide many different manufacturer options. The results all depend on your research and what you need for your salon and your clients' needs.

For example, you may want to go to a trade show to find wholesalers who can meet your needs. Trade shows are often a significant step because they provide unique access to a broad array of individual products. You can also meet many other people in the business and learn what they think about buying and selling a variety of products. This factor should help you find a wholesale beauty supply that you can trust for you and your clients' needs.

You may also want to pay attention to buying clubs, which are offered by a variety of different wholesalers. These clubs are designed to help you save money and provide you with the products that your salon needs. Some will focus on specific items, such as hairspray, while others may focus on different things entirely. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make, but you shouldn't have a hard time finding a wholesaler if you try hard enough.

Consider Warehouse Geography

Many wholesale beauty supply companies have many warehouses scattered across the country. However, others have just one warehouse or only a handful that you have to consider before making a purchase. This factor is often quite complicated because it may limit when you can get products and how much you have to pay to get them shipped to you. As a result, you must pay careful attention to warehouse proximity to avoid any problems.

Talk to each wholesaler to find out where their warehouses are located. They usually have a quick-check system that can give you an idea of their proximity to your salon. They can then give you a quick estimate as to how much their shipping will cost you. This benefit is significant because it can help you fully understand the nature of your wholesaler and how much you can expect to pay for their products when you buy from them.

Do you need to get somebody who can ship as quickly to you as possible? That may depend on your needs. Most hair care products are not going to be too delicate and won't expire too fast. As a result, you usually don't have to worry about them going bad while in the truck. However, you may need products quickly if you unexpectedly run out during a sale or another similar situation. Sometimes, it's best to go with a wholesaler who has multiple warehouses from which you can ship.

Importing – A Tough Decision

Many salon owners may turn to importing as a way of getting very superior products for their shops. This decision is very understandable – the finest salons may want to stand out from others by offering goods that other stores would not. However, this choice is not always the wisest for your needs. That's because the prices may be much higher than going with domestic providers. And the quality of the products isn't always necessarily that much higher, either.

While buying from importers may seem like a good choice, there are situations in which it may not be the decision for your company. For example, importing is always going to be more expensive than buying domestic products. The shipping prices alone will drive up how much you end up paying for these products. So be careful and pay attention when you try to buy in bulk from any overseas importer who may want to sell your products.

Beyond this factor, you also have to consider other elements as well. These include the shipping time – often much slower than wholesale beauty supply companies in the states – as well as the lifecycle of the product. While the item you buy isn't likely to go bad while on the way over, some may have a limited lifespan. And remember: the longer something is shipped, the more likely it is to get damaged. So make sure that you are prepared for these issues when importing.

Auctions – Another Hard Choice

One trick that many salons try is to go to auctions of wholesalers who went out of business or of other salons that went out of business. You may also find auctions occurring for any number of reasons, each of which gives you a unique buying situation. For example, some wholesalers often hold auctions just to get rid of products that they no longer need. If you are smart, you can get cheap products from your wholesaler at prices that you would never believe.

However, this activity is always going to be fraught with many potential dangers. For example, wholesale beauty supply companies only stock the finest and most high-quality products for your needs. The products that you find at an auction may not be up to the most excellent standards for your needs. In some situations, you may find that the quality of their products is quite low. That's because you never know where they come from in many cases.

That doesn't mean that you should never consider an auction for your product supply needs. You might be surprised at just how beneficial these buying opportunities can be for you. Pay attention to who is holding the auction and where they got their products. Try to focus on the business that went under or where else the products were found. In this way, you can gauge whether or not they are right for your business needs or if you can just let them go.

Working With Us for Your Salon

If you want to work with a wholesale beauty supply business that you can always trust to have your back, contact us at Artego USA to learn more. Our specialists can pair you up with the best products for your needs and set up a shipping system that works for you. We often offer discounts for many customers, particularly those who work with us for extended periods. Act now to get the best hair supplies for your salon's needs.