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Professional Hair Color

Tips on How to Give the Best Professional Hair Color to Your Clients

Hair coloring is something that just about anybody can do at home. However, giving the best professional coloring is essential for your salon's needs. Thankfully, the following tips can help you apply professional hair color for your clients and keep them as beautiful as possible for your needs. If you do these steps correctly, your clients are likely to come back to you again and again for their dye needs.

Talk to Your Clients a Few Days Before You Dye

A professional hair color experience shouldn't be done on a whim because it can affect the quality of the hair dye and how well it stays in your client's hair. For example, you should talk to your clients a few days before you have to get the dye and let them know not to wash their hair for at least two days. Some may balk at this suggestion, but doing so provides many benefits that are hard to get otherwise.

For example, the natural oils on their scalp will help to protect them against irritation and keep their hair as healthy as possible throughout the dying process. This benefit is significant mainly for those who have very sensitive skin. Ask your clients about this factor to help them understand what to expect. They will need to work with you to fully understand how to get their hair dye at the state that they want.

Talking to them a few days before also makes it easier for you to decide what colors they want and how to integrate them into their hair. This process is much different than just dyeing your hair in the sink with a few friends. You will carefully plan everything out to ensure that satisfaction is as high as possible for your customers and their hair care needs.

Do a Test Strand

Many people jump right in when getting their hair dyed and make a mistake that they regret for several weeks or months. The problem is that a color may look great on the dye box or dye gauge but looks terrible on a person. The shade of a person's skin, the shape of their face, and much more can all contribute to a bad hair color match. As a result, you must do a test strand first.

All professional hair color specialists make a test strand for their clients because they know that it helps to make the decision much more comfortable. Just as important, it can gauge whether or not a person's hair texture is right for a specific dye. Remember: dyeing hair can seem simple, but doing the proper steps to create a professional look requires a little more subtlety than that.

Start by taking a few strands of your client's hair and coloring it to make it easier to gauge its overall look and style. Let your client look at the color and compare it to her natural shade and her skin tone. Be tough, but fair, here. Don't just choose a shade that they want because they seem to want it more than others. Give them legitimate advice, and they will get the best professional hair experience possible.

Dyeing Their Hair

Next, you need to start dyeing their hair to get it to the state that they want. While dyeing may seem quite easy to some, you need to follow a pretty specific process to get the best results. This process is outlined below to give you an insight into what you need to do. Make sure that you work with the hair very precisely to provide it with the best chance of creating the style that your clients want and deserve.

First, start by applying dye about a half-inch away from the scalp of your clients. You start here because it provides you with the most comfortable base on which you can expand the dye. Then, you start working the color into their hair towards the end. You can use a brush to achieve this effect, though you may also want to use gloved hands to ensure that it gets worked in as far as possible.

As you go over the hair, work towards the end and cover the roots after you get to the tips. This process also has a few other benefits. For example, the heat from the head of your client will work with you and help the color develop faster. That's another reason that you start near the scalp. However, this process also helps to ensure that you can apply your professional hair color as evenly as possible.

Aftercare and Touch-ups

After the hair dye has been applied, you need to provide a little aftercare for your clients. While the person with the dyed hair handles most post-dye care techniques, you can give a few unique benefits that make their care an excellent choice for your needs. Pay attention to these simple facets to ensure that you give your clients the most professional coloring experience that their money can buy.

For example, you should let them sit in the salon for a while as their hair dye dries. During this period, you can chat and learn more about their general hair care methods. Try to direct them towards techniques that help make their hair stronger and more capable of withstanding damage. Just as importantly, you need to see how their hair turns out when it is finally dry.

These steps are all critical for the professional hair color process. That's because they allow you to take full control of your clients' hair color and ensure that they are satisfied. Make sure that you also pay attention to different elements, such as where you apply their hair coloring, to ensure that they are happy. And be ready to tweak up your approach if they want a slightly different look for their hair.

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