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Hair Supply

How to Find a Hair Supply Company for Your Salon

Opening up a salon has always been your dream, and you're excited to start stocking your shelves. However, you aren't sure what products to buy or how to find a supplier that meets your needs effectively. Thankfully, there are many hair supply tips that you can take into account to ensure that you get the best results for your salon's needs. This helps satisfy both you and your clients.

Research Which Products are Available

When trying to find hair supply providers for your salon, you need to start by considering what products that they offer. Pay attention to not only the variety of the products available but the quality of each as well. This quality will vary depending on each company. Some focus on providing inexpensive products that may not quite have the same condition as others that offer more abundant and more luxuriant hair.

Here's an excellent tip for all salons: many hair companies will send you samples of products if you just write them. They may send you multiple travel-size bottles of each product that you want or a full-sized bottle of a handful of products. There are a few reasons that they provide these free items for salons like you, each of which has to do with promoting their items to potential regular buyers.

Try out these products on your hair or those of the stylists in your salon. Ask them which items they think work the best for their needs. You want to look to how well each item applies to a hair, how well it lathers up, and how easy it is to wash the product out of your hair. In this way, you can get the best results for your hair supplies and provide your clients with high-quality hair for years to come.

Focus on a Handful of Products

When it comes to hair supply products, you need to avoid being too diverse with the items that you provide. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't limit yourself to one company or just one or two products. However, you can use your products as a branding opportunity by focusing on items that your clients may want. Sometimes, focusing on one provider may be a good option for some salons.

Even better, you may end up getting bulk products or even wholesale items offered at meager prices. Many salons state that product diversification isn't always the best choice for salons. That said, you should also avoid going too much on one company. For example, you may find that your clients want particular products and may stop visiting you if you don't have the items that they want.

So what do you do in this situation? Well, you can focus on 2-3 products, if necessary, and choose those that provide something that the other does not. For example, you can purchase very pricey but high-quality products for those who want them. You can then purchase lower-priced items that are more appropriate for those on a limited budget. Diversity isn't bad as long as your shop doesn't look like a supermarket with its available products.

Pay Attention to pH Levels

Hair care products typically possess a variety of different pH levels that indicate their acidity or alkalinity. These levels often vary depending on what ingredients are included in each product. Usually, you want to avoid getting anything that is too far in one direction or the other. Otherwise, you may end up experiencing issues with your products that your clients may not appreciate.

This factor is particularly crucial for those who have a multitude of products and who want to ensure that their clients' hair is protected. Talk to your clients about the pH levels of each product on your shelf. Remember that acidic products may end up causing damage to many types of hair. Some may end up getting quite brittle and experiencing damage that is hard to reverse.

So talk to your hair supply company about this factor to learn more about what range of products is available. Try to focus on those that are as balanced as possible because this helps to avoid not only acid damage but alkaline issues as well. Going too far in the opposite direction is no good, either. Many products are labeled as “pH-balanced,” and these are the ones that you should focus on buying.

Don't Ignore Your Budget

When it comes time to start stocking up on hair supply products for your business, you need to make sure that you pay attention to your budget as much as possible. Many companies end up paying way too much money because they splurge on products. Then, these items sit on their shelves for years and end up costing more than they are worth. Pay attention to your supply and demand to get the best results.

For example, track how quickly your customers buy your hair products and how fast you run out of certain items. How long did it take for you to run out versus other products of the same type? Time this speed on a day-to-day basis to get an idea of how much you will typically need during a month. Now, tweak your supply and demand to ensure that you aren't overstocked at any time.

Importantly, you should also pay attention not only to your budget but to the changing prices of these products on the market. For example, you may buy a product for one price and have stock of it leftover at the end of the year. However, the price increased by the end of the year and, if you sold the product at a price listed, you might lose money. That said, you legally cannot change the price without the approval of the manufacturer, so make sure to contact them. You may have to pay the difference in any case.

Get Help From the Best

So if you want the best hair supply products your money can buy, please contact us at Artego USA right away to learn more. We have years of experience working with salons like yours and provide a variety of products that are hard to top. Contact us now to learn more about the individual processes that we use to help make your clients' hair as beautiful and unforgettable as possible. We look forward to working with you.