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What Kind of Hair Color Salon Products Does Your Shop Need?

If your salon does a lot of hair coloring, it can be hard to know what colors your shop should buy. That's because there are many different options, each of which has benefits and disadvantages that make them an exciting choice for you and your clients' needs. This simple hair color salon guide will help you know what colors are an excellent choice for your salon and which you can probably ignore for awhile.

Black Dye – Always a Classic

Black hair dye is always a popular option in just about any area. Those who want black color want to create a very startling image, often a stark or dark one, that is based on many different elements of their personality. For example, the infamous “goth” scene often uses black dye to look brooding and upsetting. As a result, you need hair color salon products that meet this need.

Typically, there are many different shades of black from which you can choose. It might seem hard to believe, but there are shades of black available. Some are entirely black that create a very stark and striking look. However, you can also tint black lightly with purple and other shades. Doing so helps to make the hair a bit less monochrome and more engaging for your client.

Now, when you dye hair black, make sure to let your client know that this color is going to last for quite some time. Many people go for black for their whole lives or decide to switch out to another color later. Whatever the choice, make sure that they know it is hard to color black hair and that they may need to get bleach or other products to change their hair if they want to upgrade their look.

Red Dye – Always a Favorite During Prom Week

Red hair dye is a hair color salon favorite and one that you always need to have in stock. This color is particularly popular during prom week because girls want to stand out for their dates and make themselves look as beautiful as possible. Add multiple shades to your stock to ensure that you have enough to satisfy the many clients you'll get during the prom season.

However, red is not just a favorite for prom week or any other beauty competition time. Many women with dull brown hair turn to red because it creates a more vibrant and passionate look. If you know women in your areas with brown hair who want to upgrade their look, make sure to stock as much red dye as you can afford. They will likely be coming back to you many, many times.

When it comes to red hair dye, you need to pay attention to a few factors. First of all, there will be natural red, which creates the look that most true gingers possess. However, you can also get nearly neon reds and other shades that are more striking and hard to ignore. The choice here ultimately falls on what you think your customers would want and how much you want to pay.

Brown – A Dependable and True Color

While you may not think that people would come to you to get brown hair dye, you are mistaken. Yes, brown is the most common hair color and isn't always inspiring as a style choice. However, many people – including men – want brown hair coloring for one simple reason – they are going gray or white. While many people handle this transition gracefully, others do not do as well.

As a result, you may need to have plenty of brown dye in your hair color salon to ensure that you can satisfy the needs of these customers. Many people go to salons instead of dyeing at home because they know that it is faster and more effective. They also may not trust themselves to do a satisfying job or have already messed up the experience in the past more than a few times.

Therefore, brown is a hair color that you should always have on stock when you run a salon. Don't forget: many people who don't want to color gray hair may want to go brown. Blonde women may appreciate this option because of how it changes their style. A brown dye is also suitable for lowlights in blonde women's hair, so don't neglect this often ignored dye option.

Blonde – The Ultimate Dream for Many

Though it may seem hard to believe, many people still believe that “blondes have more fun.” Those with brown hair usually hold this belief because they find it so dull. Nevermind that so many blonde women want to go brown – people often want what they can't have the most. Don't fret about this confusion – it will help to keep you well funded as a hair color salon.

So make sure to stock many different blonde shades for your salon's needs. Blonde is one of the most fun of all hair dye options. For example, you can get a dirty blonde look that mixes grittier textures with browner shades. You can also get pure blonde, so pure that it is almost white. The exact look will vary depending on the needs and desires of your client, so you'll need many options here.

How many different shades will your shop need? Again, that likely depends on the people whom you serve in your shop. Some will want particular shades, while others will be okay with more limited options. Pay attention to what your clients ask for when they visit. And try to provide the best options for their needs. Doing so will help to ensure that you stock only the most popular and colorful shades of blonde for your customers' needs.

We Can Help to Color Your Hair

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