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Artego T Clarity for Dandruff
Artego T Clarity for Dandruff

    It counteracts dandruff formation;
    it regulates the scalp cell regeneration.

Invigorating for scalp and hair, with relaxing and rejuvenating properties

This shampoo provides you with an effective, but also gentle way to combat various types of dandruff. Active ingredients include scientifically tested hexamidine diisethionate, which has been proven as the most effective ingredient for fighting dandruff. Use it in the salon and sell it to your clients for use at home.


Available in 250 and 1000 ml.

The Essentials of Phytotherapy

    Tea Tree Oil. Cleans deeply and effectively with a balancing effect.
    White Thyme. Stabilizes and cleanses.

The Essentials of Aromatherapy

    Sandalwood. The aroma brings peace and serenity. Fosters creativity and intuition.
    Tobacco. This aroma conveys warmth and well-being. Lends radiance.

+ Hexamidine Diisethionate: Innovative active ingredient that accelerates the elimination of dandruff.
CLARITY. The delight of always feeling good.
The dandruff treatment with instantly visible results starting with the first use.
Artego T Clarity for Dandruff

Balancing, for cleansing the scalp and hair roots

    It slows dandruff formation down
    It does not contain alcohol to better balance the scalp ph
    It gives relief to the scalp

Anti-dandruff mask, for scalp and roots.


150 ml

    Rebalancing action, for clean scalp and roots
    It slows down dandruff formation
    No alcohol, for a better scalp re-balancing
    it relieves the scalp

The mask contains essential oils gleaned from the tea tree, white thyme, and rosemary. It is perfect for use after treatments that have
caused skin irritation and will bring the scalp back to a state of balance. Itchiness and redness are relieved as the scalp is returned to its natural state of being. It works immediately upon use.

The mask can be used in the salon as well as at home.
Artego T Clarity for Dandruff

Pretreatment balancing fluid for the scalp.

    It normalizes the scalp, soothing irritations;
    It helps dandruff detachment.

Pretreatment balancing fluid for the scalp

The easy-to-use liquid formula is the perfect pretreatment for persistent dandruff. It has a balancing effect while also serving as the perfect foundation for the use of shampoo and mask. The new formula works directly on hair and scalp by controlling the growth of yeast, for example, while also perfectly cleansing the scalp.


100 ml
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