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  • Our large 5.1 ounce hair color tube provides 2 1/2 times the amount of coloring product of the standard 2 oz or 3 oz tube. Save 65% or more
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Why Should You Get Artego Hair Color Products?

Running a salon can be a challenge for many people, particularly those who are new to the business. As a result, you need to know what kind of products and services best help your customers. Thankfully, we at Artego USA provide many exceptional items to meet your needs. These include our Artego hair color products, each of which gives you unique access to many great styling options.

Quality Product Design

When we design products, we make sure that we are giving you access to something unique within our catalog. We don't spend time making endless copies of other products or trying to trick you with minor upgrades. Instead, we try to make sure that every new item that we have and everything that we have for sale is something that is unique for you and your needs. As a result, our Artego hair color products are very diverse.

Do you need many blonde shades of dye for your clients? We have a large number that varies from dirty blonde all the way up to the most real blonde. How about black hair for your clients that prefer a darker color? Don't worry: we even have shades of black available. No matter what the hair color that your clients want, we have a tone available that will make them happy and ensure that they come back to you for more.

And don't forget: we also offer many other hair care products that are designed to suit the needs of many, many different clients. These include shampoos, dandruff protection protects, and hair restoration items. Our overriding goal is to make sure that you get access to the best and most reliable range of items on the market today. With our help, you will become a salon that everybody in your area comes to for high-quality care.

An Integrated Hair Color System

When you buy Artego hair color products, you get access to what is known as our integrated hair color system. This system helps you create youthful hair for your clients and color their hair without damaging it. This system utilizes a five-ounce color tube that gives you more than double the coloring product you get in most containers. As a result, you should have little trouble providing your clients with great color.

Just as importantly, we utilize many new innovations in hair care that you can use at your salon to make your coloring go more smoothly. For example, our products are balanced to ensure that they don't aggravate your clients are cause them discomfort. And each product has been carefully researched and designed to keep them as useful as possible for dyeing your clients' hair in many different colors.

Critically, we also provide you with practical and stylish finishing aids that get your clients' hair looking perfect after you color it. As a result, you get one of the most dependable and long-lasting hair coloring experiences for your clients. This reliability is likely to inspire them to come to your shop time after time, giving you the kind of business that your company needs to ensure quality care and success.

Specialty Haircare Products

At Artego, we focus heavily on crafting the most excellent products for your clients' needs. Just as importantly, we provide high-quality specialty products that give your clients the hair strength that they need for your coloring. These products are designed to bring a little life back to their hair and make it easier to style. Critically, they also help to make your job easier and more enjoyable as well.

For example, our Dream Repair product helps to restore hair strength and luster while also helping to give your clients the extra bounce that they need for their lovely locks. And we also provide care such as Resque Anti Hair Loss, which helps to restore vitamins and minerals to the scalp that keep hair where it belongs – on your clients' heads, where you can color and style it in beautiful ways.

And don't forget – we also offer two types of anti-dandruff shampoos for individuals like you. These shampoos include Balance and Clarity, each of which restores your clients' hair to its natural beauty. With products like these, you can prepare your clients for the hair coloring that they want. Even better, you can make their hair more enjoyable for you to style. In this way, it's a win-win situation buying Artego hair color products for your salon.

Far-Reaching Coverage

Lastly, you should order Artego hair color products because we have one of the largest ranges of any company in the country. Unlike more regional businesses, we work with any salon in the United States. Our range helps to ensure that you get the products that you want at the price that you deserve. Even better, you can create a coherent and consistent product range that will satisfy your customers and your stylists at the same time.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with regional hair color providers, working with us provides advantages that are hard to get from them. First of all, we guarantee all of our products in a way that smaller businesses may not. We also have a more extensive stock that we always keep full, which means you shouldn't have to wait for us to get more products the way you would with smaller companies.

Even better, we ship to anywhere in the US, which means that you don't have to worry about limitations on where you can get your items. Order online from us, and we will ship to you and get you the products that your salon needs. In this way, you can keep your salon ready to go at any time and work towards the kind of high-quality service that you want from your hairstylists when you visit them.

Let Us Help You

So if you want Artego hair color products anywhere in the United States, please contact us at Artego USA right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience working with salons like yours and can provide you with high-quality treatments and help that your facility needs to be the most trusted and reliable salon in your area. We look forward to working with you on your journey.