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Artego Balayage Bleach
Professional Balayage Bleach

Used for the following techniques:

    Balayage with Lowlights
    Balayage Tease
    Balayage Mohawk

Better because:

    Lifts hair lighter and quicker
    Does not puff or bleed
    Mixes to the right texture
    Applies evenly throughout the hair
    Best lightener for beginners and experienced hairdressers
The 10 fundamentals of Balayage
Haircolor is all about creativity and
expression, but it's also based on
solid fundamentals. Each aspect
of color comes with inherent
fundamentals that ground your
work and keep it consistent and
effective. You will create stunning
color if you practice and follow
these guidelines for success.
"Balayage/Ombre is a look that cannot be duplicated with regular bleach. Artego is the only company in the industry that makes a bleach solely for balayage. This bleach has doubled my color clientele."
This celebrity-driven look is exploding. Think Gisele, Jennifer Aniston and nearly every model in the
Victoria's Secret catalog. Balayage allows hairdressers to be more visual and artistic and places them on a different level. Clients are demanding the looks that can be created with balayage so it's important to develop the skills
Balayage looks easier than it is, so to develop the proper skill level, you must be prepared to
practice, practice, practice. Commit to learning the technique and develop a passion to excel.
Placement is always dictated by the cut, so if you plan to balayage your client, always cut the hair first.
Observe the hair carefully as you work. Look for areas of contrast and variances of light and dark. This is what makes balayage different from foil highlights. The placement of color is guided by the natural movement of the hair.
When placing highlights, remember that the hairtine and part area are crucial. This is where women want to see light. You might only place one or two highlights in this area, but doing so gives the hair "sparkle" on top. The idea is to lighten the hair as if a spotlight is shining on top of the head. The result will look as if your client has been luxuriating on the beach for weeks!
Be conscious of the "money piece." This is a highlighted section one-to-two inches behind the
hairline at the part that contrasts with the base color. It's the focal point of the highlight design that draws the eye and really "pops."
The brush that you choose to work with is critical. The right brush makes all the difference!
Avoid brushes that are too wide, or that have an uneven surface that may grab or skip sections of the hair. Work slowly to ensure even saturation and consistent application along the entire strand. Artego has the perfect brush to use with its Balayage Bleach that was designed by John Sigger.
With Artego's Balayage bleach you can reach that perfect consistency of cream cheese at room temperature. For developer, 40 volume will usually be the best choice or High & Higher Enzyme Developer because strands are exposed to air and not wrapped in foil. Control your application by scooping the bleach off of a comb or board before you lay it on the hair. Reload the brush every time you paint a section of hair.
Put away the foils! Balayage is a more natural looking highlight. Your outgrowth is less
noticeable because of the different angles used to paint your hair. Balayage is a softer more natural highlight.
Balayage can be done on any base color because the effect is so natural, and lowlights can be balayaged too! If you a're highlighting and lowlighting the hair, apply the balayage highlights first and then place the lowlights in-between the bleached sections.
The biggest mistake is placing too much product at the root, causing the highlight to look chunky or blotchy. The ideal balayage highlights are narrow and diffused at th'e root, and gradually widen through the mid lengths and ends.
Artego Balayage Bleach
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