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It’s all about the color.
Superior performance.
Superior shine.
Superior gray coverage.
Superior durability

Announcing the introduction of My Color Reflex

  • Direct dye, no peroxide, no ammonia
  • No outgrowth, no line of demarcation
  • Beautiful natural shades, daring bold colors
  • 10 minute application
  • Ideal color service for men
  • Incredible shine / High gloss

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Energize your business with our Q-10 Facial Masque

  • Increase retail sales with our “FREE gift with purchase” retail program
  • Introduce a new mini-facial service without additional time requirement
  • Create new sales in entirely new retail category

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Discover the art of Balayage and Artego Balayage Bleach

  • Quickly create natural highlights
  • The perfect product for right technique

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European Blow Dry Technique / European Blow Dry Set
EuroShine Boar Bristle Round Brushes

  • Create volume and shine without relying on heavy products
  • Teach your clients how-to & retail thousands of dollars worth of
    high fashion brushes
  • Watch the training video
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