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Q10 Facial Masque

Reduce signs of aging without injections or needles
Amazing results in just 30 minutes

Directions and Use

Big ideas on improving your business !


At Artego USA, our philosophy and focus is to become a trusted partner with salon owners. Our success is ultimately determined by the success of our customers and we know this. To that end, we are endeavoring to change the marketing orientation used to introduce and promote products within the salon environment.

To date, all beauty brands have basically been sold to salons through the efforts of a distributor’s sales consultant’s “product peddling”. Sales people sold products to the salon and hoped the salon staff liked them. The further hope was that maybe some clients would buy them after being told about them or having them used upon them by their stylist. Most new products die within 60 days of their introduction. This process of product introduction led to a proliferation of product within the salon industry. Manufacturer’s created a onslaught of new items with the slim hope a few would grow and survive. Salons are left with many more products on their retail shelves than they need.

Salons have become dependent on retail advertising to create their retail sales. The success of advertising created this effect. Unfortunately, advertising has a negative side effect. It creates demand for beauty products in retail outlets outside of the salon. Diversion has become a major issue and is a significant cause of the decline of professional salon retail sales. The proof is that you do not see an unadvertised brand in a retail outlet.


Salons need retail sales to be profitable. It is virtually impossible with modern day commission rates and employment taxes for a salon to be profitable relying upon just services. Most salon owners keep themselves in business by working extreme hours. They survive month by month and cannot get ahead. In the current recession, scores of salons are closing.

The future needs to be different than the past. Salon needs a marketing effort to sell products for them. Every consumer wants more value for her money than ever before. Salons are facing increased pressure to justify their prices as clients consider trading down in the marketplace and challenge the status quo.

At Artego USA we have created a salon retailing program to stimulate retail sales based upon the concept of “FREE Gift with Purchase”. It is what drives quality retail brands in department stores and is a proven winning retail concept. Your client will receive a FREE FACIAL with the purchase of just two Artego retail products. She may choose from a line up of 12 products in the Artego Styling Tools Finishing Line, 6 shades of the Artego Color Shine Masque, and our Easycare Shampoo and Conditioners.

A free facial? Yes, Artego USA will provide a Q-10 Collagen Replenishing Masque ($19.95 retail value) FREE to your salon to give away with two Artego products. Your clients will love it. Every woman wants one. Most will never spend the $75 to $100 to treat themselves to a professional spa facial. You will give it to them FREE to do at home in their leisure. It is the most luxurious facial treatment. It makes your skin feel like you are 20 years younger. Renew, Replenish, Regenerate. Reduce the signs of aging without injections or needles. After their first Q-10 Collagen Replenishing facial, your clients will desire to do it again and again; and will buy Artego product again and again in order to do so.

As consumers demand more value for their money, offering a FREE facial ($19.95 retail value) with a purchase of only $20 to $30 of Artego retail product is an outstanding value. Artego USA has put the entire brand promotion together for you for easy execution. It includes point of purchase signs, free Q10 Collagen Replenishing Masque for your staff and free styling aids for use at their stations.

Speak to your Beecher Group / Artego USA sales consultant on how to get started today !
Salons don’t need more retail product on their shelves, they need better retailing concepts to make retail sales happen easily and build consumer loyalty. Fight back against product proliferation and diversion and protect your future.



Retail Q10 to your clients

Offer your clients 30 minutes of relaxation, luxurious private time to
regenerate and make their skin feel wonderful

Retail price $19.95
Salon cost only $10.00

Purchase 27 Q 10 masques / 9 Facial, 9 Neck, 9 Eyes
$199.95 and receive lucite retail display FREE

Purchase 9 Q10 masques and receive 3 FREE
12 for only $90.00 ($7.50 each)


Offer Q10 Mini Facials to your clients as a new service

  • Requires only 10 minutes of your time
  • Whenever the client is already in a reclined position, double up the use of your time: during massage services, during pedicures

Special unlabeled Q10 Facial Masque (not suitable for retailing) for professional use only

50 Q10 masques for only $299.95 ($5.99 each)


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