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EuroShine European Blow Dry / European Blow Dry Set

Learn how to do a EuroShine Blow Dry for super volume & shine and learn how to do a EuroShine Blow Dry Set. The European Blow Dry Concept - Blow dry hair with the new European Methods

Create Shiny Smooth Finished Hair with our new Euroshine boar bristle Spanish brushes. This method eliminates the need for flat irons and curling irons.  Learn how to sell your clients top quality Euroshine Spanish Boar Bristle brushes. It is the new way to finish hair.

The European Blow Dry Package for $69.95 includes the following:

1 Euroshine #20229 Small Cork Grip 8 row brush
1 Euroshine #20729 Medium Cork Grip 10 row brush
1 Euroshine #20429 Large Cork Grip 16 row brush
1 Euroshine #20529 Extra Large Cork Grip 16 row brush
1 Jon Charles Euroshine Video on DVD: How to do two different European Blow Dry methods 19 minute long

Want a new professional French blow dryer to go with your EuroShine package? Velecta XXP dryer added to EuroShine package, total $199.95. Save an extra $10.00

Watch the video

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