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It’s all about the color.
Superior performance.
Superior shine.
Superior gray coverage.
Superior durability


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Here’s the secret of why Artego It’s Color performs so well

This is the difference that makes the difference !

The following explanation of the Artego Base formulation is what makes Artego truly unique in the color industry. Artego uses the latest technology to create a new type of color base, only used by Artego in its color.

The key points are:

The color base is not Blue, Green or Violet. Artego has created a Multi Color Pigment Concentration system (MCPC). This is a specific combination of all the primary colors which creates a natural looking brown base that provides outstanding grey coverage without the appearance of any blue or green tone.

The MCPC system combined with conditioning agents in the color is the reason why Artego maintains healthy hair with amazing shine.

In addition to the MCPC, Artego color contains has 25% more pigment than other colors. Pigments are the most expensive ingredients used in the manufacture of hair color. This also allows a reduction in the ammonia level by 25-40% depending upon the shade.

Aretgo It’s Color creme formula is manufactured with the highest quality ingredients and secret Artego formulas. The result is color that is easy to apply whether by brush and bowl or with a bottle, easy rinsing of color out of the hair and no staining of the scalp and hairline.

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